About James

James is originally from Barnstaple in North Devon, UK. He completed a Masters degree in Chemistry for Drug Discovery at the University of Bath in 2008, where he was awarded the Robert W. Bolland Memorial Prize for Most Outstanding Chemistry Graduate. James was the recipient of a University of Bath Ph.D. Scholarship and completed his thesis entitled “New Applications of Organocatalysis” in 2011 under the joint supervision of Dr Steven Bull and Prof. Jonathan Williams. In 2012 James spent time at the Université Paris-Sud XI on a COST short-term scientific mission fellowship in the laboratory of Prof. David Aitken.

James subsequently moved to the University of St Andrews as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in the group of Prof. Andrew Smith where he was involved in a number of successful research projects focused on the development and understanding of new Lewis base-catalysed processes.

In 2015 James began his independent research career at the University of St Andrews as a Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow.

Presentations and Conferences

2017 – University of Birmingham “Catalytic Functionalisation of Alcohols

2016 – EaStChem Seminar, University of St Andrews “Catalytic Functionalisation of Alcohols

2016 – MSMLG 2016, University of Bath “Acylative Kinetic Resolution of Allylic Alcohols

2015 – CASE 2015, Trinity College Dublin “Lewis Base Organocatalysis: Applications in the Synthesis and Functionalisation of Heterocycles

2013 – 42nd Scottish Regional Meeting of the RSC Organic Devision, Heriot-Watt University
NHCs in Organocatalysis: Stereospecificity and Mechanistic Insights

2013 – Organic Symposium, University of St Andrews “Asymmetric Synthesis of Highly Substituted Lactones

2012 – Organic Symposium, Université Paris-Sud XI “Asymmetric Synthesis of Highly Substituted δ-Lactones

2011 – CASE 2011, University of Birmingham “DBN as an Efficient Acyl Transfer Agent

2010 – ACS Pacifichem, Hawaii “Organocatalytic C-Acylation of N-Alkyl Pyrroles and Indoles