News Archive

Sep 2016 – Welcome to Andrew and Rob who have joined the group to work on their fourth and fifth year undergraduate research projects, respectively.

July 2016 – James gave a talk at the MSMLG 2016 conference at the University of Bath.

Jun 2016 – Stefania presented her work and enjoyed the nice weather at this years CDT Firbush outdoor retreat.

Apr 2016 – Congratulations to Tom on successfully handing in his fourth-year research project report!

Mar 2016 – Welcome to Susana Estopina who has started her PhD studies in the group.

Mar 2016 – Well done to Stefania who presented her work at the First Annual CRITICAT conference in St Andrews.

Mar 2016 – Congratulations to Stefania and James who, along with some members of the ADS group, won the final of the SCI UK National Retrosynthesis Competition held at the RSC’s Burlington House.

Mar 2016 – James attends the 5th UK-Japanese Asymmetric Catalysis Symposium at the University of Manchester.

Jan 2016 – Congratulations to Stefania and James on being part of the team “Totally Disconnected with Base” to make it through to the final of this years SCI National Retrosynthesis Competition!

Dec 2015 – Congratulations to Stefania on her photograph that was chosen as the winner of this years “Perspectives in Chemistry” exhibition in the School of Chemistry.

Nov 2015 – Our latest work on an intramolecular cyclisation cascade to form interesting fused oxadiazole structures has just been published in Org. Lett.!

Nov 2015 – Review on catalytic stereoselective [2,3]-rearrangement reactions with the Smith group has been published in ACS Catalysis!

Oct 2015 – Welcome to Tom, who has started his fourth-year project in the group.

Sep 2015 – James’ work on NHC-redox catalysis with the Smith group has been published in J.  Org. Chem.!

Sep 2015 – James attended the annual Gregynog Synthesis Workshop in Wales.

Sep 2015 – New CH5441/CH4442 project available for the new semester. Visit the course website for more details or contact James for more information.

Aug 2015 – Welcome to the new Taylor Group website!

Jul 2015 – James presents at the CASE 2015 conference in Dublin.